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Phone & VoIP Managed Services

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology offers businesses an opportunity to greatly reduce their overhead costs for telecommunications. With a simple broadband connection, a business can replace their expensive traditional telephone service with a VoIP system through Fox Run Systems.

Fox Run Systems will provide and install a VoIP system that is:

  • Affordable – No setup costs or installation fees
  • Easy to use – Designed with an intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Reliable – Hosted system is monitored and maintained 24/7

Video and Voice Managed Services

Unified voice, video, and data communications in conjunction with collaboration technologies enable employees to work more productively and enhance overall business efficiency. The challenges to achieving these goals include an increase in networked devices, reliance on multi-media applications with demanding network service requirements, and increased employee mobility. To meet these challenges, enterprises demand networking solutions that provide both wired and wireless access that will allow automated traffic prioritization capabilities.

The Fox Run Systems Voice and Video Solution utilizes embedded intelligence that can be fine-tuned to the stringent requirements of voice and video applications, This solution strategy is leveraged to:

  • Increase employee productivity through improved reliability of real-time and collaborative applications
  • Reduce administrative expenditures with automated configuration of VoIP phones and other devices
  • Automatically identify, prioritize, and control voice and video traffic on a per user basis
  • Guarantee service quality and reliability for voice and video applications within shared wired and wireless environments


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