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Disaster Recovery Managed Services

Statistics show that most businesses that lose data as a result of a disaster are out of business within a few months. Business continuity depends on guarding against disasters of all types. Fox Run Systems develops industry leading Disaster Recovery Solutions that provide our clients with peace of mind. We customize each plan to fit the needs of individual businesses.

Fox Run Systems Disaster Recovery Solutions draw upon a variety of cost effective strategies including:

  • Image Based Backup - Allows data snapshots to be taken at specified time intervals (i.e. every 15 minutes).
  • Rapid Recovery - Full system restores in as fast as 30 minutes.
  • Automated Data Validation - Backup images are automatically validated for data security once received at the data center or cloud storage. Missing or corrupted chains are automatically re-sent to the storage cloud or data center at the next scheduled interval.
  • Server Management - VMware server solution for local virtualizations allowing for better flexibility and support.
  • Server Virtualization - Virtualize a production server on the local BDR appliance in the event of server outage or virtualize production servers in the cloud in the event of a total site outage.
  • System Integrity Test - Automatic local test virtualizations performed over the wire to the storage cloud or via shipping a hard drive to the storage cloud facility.


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